Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chapter 1

The Old Dance Room
Chapter 1

" To dance is my passion, to fight is my will. Now I will fight for what's right and the good light of Love will see me through this evil that is haunting my every movement... I'm so divine..."

It was a cold, chilly winter night December of 1995, and young Steveanna Johnson sat at her huge mirror dresser, combing that long beautiful brown hair of hers. It went down to her back and shined in the dimmed lamp light over her mirror. Never have she thought about cutting it. Steveanna reached for her hair pin and placed it above her hair to wrap it into a bun.

Her door creeks open..." Anna?" a soft voice called from behind her. She turned her head slightly to the left and saw her little sister, Jasmine, standing at her door. Steveanna turned back to her mirror, and stared at her reflection. Little Jasmine walked over to her older sister and sat in her lap and looked at the mirror.

" Anna?"

" Hmm?" she responds to her sister while stroking her hair. " When will daddy be back?" she asked so innocently, it struck Steveanna's heart. Tears began to form in her eyes. Jasmine was only 5 years old, she wouldn't really understand at the moment. All Steveanna could do was pray for her daddy to get well soon.

" I don't know Jass. Soon, hopefully." Jasmine looked up at her sister and was confused to why she was crying silently to herself. Tears cascaded down her cheeks onto Jasmine hair. The only thoughts going through her mind now was I love you Daddy.

Tossing and turning, Steveanna wakes up from her sleep. Apparently, she had a horrid dream. The same dream she had years ago when she was just an innocent child. Sixteen years of age and already know more than she need to. She sits up in cold sweat, and looks around her dark room, eyes set on the clock.

2:45AM.. Steveanna shakes her head and flops back onto her bed," Just 4 more hours until I have to get up for school in the morning." she groan to herself while sliding her hands down her face. She closes her eyes, and after 10 minutes of trying to fall into a deep sleep, she finally succeeds. Thus resulting in another dream. This one was somewhat peaceful.

Steveanna was walking through a flower plain, in a sun dress. The warm heat from the sun beaming on her soft caremel like skin. She bent over to pick up some daisys and sunflowers, but once she looked up, she froze... There stood her father. Smiling, looking healthier than ever. Steveanna smiled to herself, being a daddy's girl anyway, she ran to him.

" Steveanna." his average deep voice called out as they embraced. She held on to him as if it was her job, her destiny. " Daddy," she held back the tears," I miss you. I hope you get better soon, Jasmine's been askin' about you. I really don't know what to tell her." He hushed her and ran his fingers through her silky brown hair.

" Baby girl, I will be fine. Don't worry.. I will be back to you, momma, and Jass. You just have to be strong."

Hearing those words just made her cry, straining to fight them back were impossible, they just fell. Like water droplets from the rain of a cloudy day. She and her father pulled apart and looked at eachother. He smiled again," I promise, I'll be back. but now you have to wake up."

Steveanna was slightly confused at what he meant by that. Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise rang in her ears. " Wake up." her father said once more. She still stood there bewildered.


Steveanna woke up from her dream in a bolt, and collided heads with her little sister, Jasmine. They both groaned in pain, Jasmine the most. Steveanna reached over to turn off her alarm, as Jasmine headed to the door still rubbing her head and making faces. " MOMMA! She's woke!" she hollared out, mumbling under her breath. Steveanna looked around and saw that it was time for school. Wetness...her face was wet. She went to her mirror and saw that she had been crying, maybe cause of that dream. She was going through hard times right now..

KNOCK. KNOCK. Hearing the knocking on her door, made Steveanna snap out of her trance. " Anna, I don't hear running water in that bathroom of yours. Now I got that bathroom added so you won't have to fight with your sister anymore about who gets it first, make use of it. Okay? Good." her mom nagged her. She always did. Her name was Nancy Johnson, maiden name Nancy Parks.

Steveanna rolled her eyes. Her mother has been acting strange lately, she didn't know why, considering her father is in the hospital at the moment, you would think she would be kind of worried or depressed. But no, her strange behavior is happy. She seems too happy, and still nags Steveanna, but Steveanna never really tries to pay much attention to it.